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Glitter and sparkles add celebration mood to our everyday lives. You can use glitter and sequins in makeup or craft something useful for your home. Let's check out the most useful, easiest, and the cutest crafts with glitter!

If you like Disney cartoons, you can make a beautiful crown! Choose the glitter of your favorite color and squeeze some hot glue into it. Wait until it gets dry and attaches the glittery pieces to a headband. Enjoy your crown because every girl is a princess.

You can make a shining disco ball yourself. You can use some old CDs for that. Chop them into little square pieces and attach them all to a plastic ball. Hang it on the ceiling and let's get the party started. You can also use CDs if you want to decorate a transparent phone case really nicely. Make a nice soap holder using a CD and a lighter. Ask your parents to help you with the lighter. You can make shiny CD separators for the clothes in your closet, or a beautiful shining fruit plate.

You can cut an apple into two halves and make a cool stamp for fabric. Use acrylic paint of your favorite color and stamp a T-shirt or a tote bag. You can make a designer piece for yourself or for someone you really like. Believe me, they'll appreciate it.

We know a really easy way to make pompoms. Learn it too and decorate your house with pompom creations – garlands, cushions, and what not!

You can also make a cool painting and add up a few lights to it! It looks amazing, especially, in the dark.

Watch this video up to the end to learn cool glitter makeup variants!


1:00 - DIY disco ball
3:50 - Colorful ideas for life
06:00 - DIY flower pots
8:39 - Makeup ideas

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