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Beware! After watching this video, you can upcycle all forks and spoons in your home. Be careful, your mom won't be happy about it. However, in this video, we collected the coolest and the most useful spoon and fork hacks. Check them out and tell us in the comments, which one is you favorite!

First of all, you can open a bottle and even a tin can using a spoon. You just need to learn the proper technique. Watch our tutorial and learn how to do that.

Spoons are perfect for peeling qiwis. Watch this life hack video and learn a nice and neat way of peeling a qiwi. Another kitchen hack is using forks for cutting tomatoes.

You can make awesome and useful crafts for your home using spoons and forks. My favorite is a condiments holder – a man made out of spoons and forks. Another cool idea is a clock made out of plastic forks – it will look perfectly in your kitchen. Another incredible craft is making a candle holder out of a fork. You can make a lamp shade out of plastic spoons and a big plastic bottle.

You can decorate a cake using a spoon or a fork. Learn how to serve forks and spoons on the table.

However, forks are cool for decorating not only cakes. You can make cute bows using forks. Later, you can use them for decorating a lot of things with them.

Using plastic spoons, you can make a lot of awesome crafts. For example, you can make a cute Christmas tree using forks or spoons.


0:47 - Kitchen clock
2:20 - Condiments holder
4:13 - Christmas tree
7:20 - DIY lampshade

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