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Funny Cat Fails with Sound Effects + Music

Published on 21 Aug 2018 / In Comedy

Having a rough day? Watch this Funny Video of Cat Fails with sound and music. All footage are not owned by me. AFV, Please don't sew me (WHY EVERY TIME? WHY CAN'T I CAN'T SPELL RIGHT?!) All footage are by AFV, Fail Army & IIIIIXFAILS. Super Mario Music is included in this feature along with other music, Music is not owned by me, It's owned by Kids II & Nintendo, Along with iMovie. Special Thanks to the following. Nick Judy, Jessica Hartell, RoyalFreeSounds, ZenMasterKai, Prescott Computer Guy, Kids II, AFV, Nintendo, AburameShino123, Universal Pictures, Sound Effects (it is a Youtube Name, Don't make fun of Him or Her), DAFTPUNKletlive, MarioSinglePlayer & IltubodiFlegias. Which funny fail is your fav? Tell me in the comments below & let me know if this made your day.

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